Ultra Sinewaves EP

by Chris Big Money

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    2011's Ultra Sinewaves EP is a ambient/electronic inspired EP inspired by a recent trip to the 2011 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL. Upon arrival from Miami after a fun filled weekend of bass filled beats, alcohol fueled afterparties, overpriced food, UCF classmates hounding you for project contributions while you're at the club and broken glowsticks, I was inspired to create this EP. As usual, I worked on this while attending classes at the University of Central Florida.
    This EP is professionally mastered by engineer Luke Bredin of SPM Soundtracks. Ultra Sinewaves EP has been on iTunes since June 2011. I am releasing it on here for the two or three Chris Big Money fans that were unable to access it on iTunes. This is a Christmas present from Chris Big Money to his fans who are internet savvy enough to find this website. This is for you, may you enjoy Ultra Sinewaves. It is some of Chris Big Money's best work to date as of December 2011.
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This album has a mind of it's own. It goes in many different directions, and tells it's own stories without using words.


released December 25, 2011

A big thanks goes out to my mates Electric Type and Luke Bredin who have both been quite supportive of the EP and for making the EP sound so clean! SPM Soundtracks really takes Chris Big Money to the next level.


More thanks goes to my fellow musicians particularly damiandaviid (Cellar Doves), JoE3, Quartz Relic (& Magitek), Type Rider, DTF (Dior Sentai), and GoGo Ghetto.

Most imporantly, I wanted to give thanks everyone who finds this Bandcamp page, and my friends (my fans are my friends). I also wanted to thank the many people I have worked with and encountered while at the University of Central Florida. Learning life lessons here people.




Chris Big Money Austin, Texas

Chris Big Money is the solo project of a young man residing in Orlando, FL which started out as a hobby to pass time after work. Originally using DAW software to produce instrumental tracks, the project has advanced to live electronics, remixing, sampling, blogging and songwriting.

Chris Big Money keeps a personal and engaging Twitter account which is updated daily.
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