Sunset Beach + Mother (2013 Remastered)

by Chris Big Money

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Sometimes, you don't need a full hour or even a half hour to get a point across. That is what I have realized with this release. These two tracks come from 2010 when I first started using Ableton Live. At that particular time, I had not the mindset I had today, just releasing the records before having them engineered at a proper level. Now you're getting the intended experience meant for these two amazing songs that was envisioned three years ago.

"These tracks were due for a retouch." Two classic Chris Big Money songs from 2010 have been selected by Chris Big Money to be revitalized for entertaining ears in the year 2013. "Sunset Beach" and "Mother" are songs that have had too much time put into them to just be mere throw-away songs. With this split EP, Chris Big Money aspires to have them immortalized within his professional discography starting with 2011's Ultra Sinewaves and 2012's Money Beats.

"Sunset Beach" has become a staple to CBM's live shows, being performed nearly every set performed since the song was written. When the track was first conceptualized it was a distant departure from the experimental/downtempo electronic music musings of Chris Big Money's first self-released album "The Thought Process." "Sunset Beach" has not only been a favorite artist selection, however it has won over countless spectators at venues where Chris Big Money has performed the song since 2010. CBM wishes he had properly EQ'd and mastered it upon it's initial release as an EP in 2010.

"Mother" is also a song Chris Big Money values greatly, and marks a transition to becoming a serious pop music performer and songwriter. "Mother" is the song of an estranged and emotionally distant son who reconnects with his mother after her unexpected death. The song contains direct and indirect references to her lifestyle, characteristics, and deep spiritual essences that embodied Deborah Ann Kimenecz. "Mother" is very difficult to perform live, however its heart-wrenching story resonates amongst all sorts of people and which deserves to be presented in a live setting.

Chris Big Money chooses to present these two songs together as a pair, as there is a very personable story which comes from the admiral, idealism fantasy of Sunset Beach, and then the gut-wrenching reality of loss in the ballad "Mother." The two songs collectively form a bold artistic statement, and the reinvention of a "bedroom laptop producer," which the Chris Big Money project started out as in 2007. A lot has changed since 2007 and Chris Big Money gratefully thanks anyone who has stuck around thus far. CBM knows you have a choice in what to listen to and support and he truly is thankful to have your support and ears, at least for 10 minutes this go around.


released July 2, 2013

All songs written, composed, and recorded by Chris Big Money.
Album artwork by Chris Big Money
Mixed, Mastered, and Engineered by Luke Bredin of SPM Soundtracks.
Twitter: @LukeBredin


all rights reserved



Chris Big Money Austin, Texas

Chris Big Money is the solo project of a young man residing in Orlando, FL which started out as a hobby to pass time after work. Originally using DAW software to produce instrumental tracks, the project has advanced to live electronics, remixing, sampling, blogging and songwriting.

Chris Big Money keeps a personal and engaging Twitter account which is updated daily.
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